Who We Are


David Marriot - CEO

Polished CEO with a results driven leadership approach utilizing his broad experience in Operations, Audio Engineering, Artist Management, Tour Management, Event Production Managment, Stage Production Management and Business Development. Close to 10 years of experience in the music and event industry creates a solid foundation for logistic efficiency. Bachelor of Science from the esteemed Los Angeles Recording School and military background sets his leadership style apart from others in the industry.


Jordan 'Jesta' Pollard - Media Director & Founder

Creative Media Production Director with 10+ years of advanced media development and sound design using strong values in a collaborative team effort for impressive results. Diverse background which includes, but not limited to video editing, music production, sound design, team management coordination and direction of marketing promotion. Advanced technical skills with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live which resulting in a fluid creative build in all areas of production.


Jared Althaus - Events Director

Dependable Senior Event Coordinator with 15 + years of proven experience creating successful music and artists curation events in the Greater Los Angeles area. Skilled in designing large events from initial idea, booking lineups, sound development and marketing through full infrastructure deployment resulting in yields from 12k to 25k net profits per venture. Dynamic technical skills include but not limited to: advanced operations coordination, hiring, team education and development, inventory, accounting, security management, sound, promotion, and community growth goals.

kosak temp

Mike Kosak - President & Label Director

President of Noise Revolt with an integrity driven accomplished track record of talent management, marketing, business operations and commercial success. Well versed in industry trends across multiple platforms including but not limited to music, production, event coordination and talent development. Proven track record for successfully identifying and sourcing talent from initial artist pitch through music label introduction and promoter booking agent facilitation towards local and commercial success. Resulting in an advanced coordination of 100+ artists career expansion which has resulted in successful pathways in all areas of business growth.


Dylan Glick - Chairman & Co-Founder

Passionate Chairman with advanced skills in music, artist development, production, creative directing, interactive design and community impact. Hard working professional who is deeply passionate about a positive high energy work ethic while employing his Bachelor of Arts education from the University of Arizona. One of the founding members of Noise Revolt which has kept this collective at the forefront of creative development along the west coast and into international markets.


Tim Logothetis - Brand Director & Co-Founder

Results driven Brand Manager with 10 + years of hands on experience in the music and event industry. Well spoken leader who actively engages with the community for the best results in all areas of brand development. His Bachelor of Science from New York University created a solid foundation for growth in all areas of creative improvement, full immersive experiences, broad music deployment and brand recognition throughout the greater Los Angeles region into international markets.

Team shot

Ryan and Jon of Savage Venture - Finance

We are a consulting and holdings corporation. Put simply: we combine the corporate and creative. We are suits by day and artists by night. We combine Wall Street hustle with California ease with a nod to underground culture.

Alexis Headshot

Alexis Ann - Legal Advisory

Polished In House Legal Counsel for Noise Revolt with an extensive background in supporting artist collectives utilizing advanced skills in contracts, permitting, venue booking, promotions and project management. Passionate supporter of music, art, creative endeavors and team advancement while coordinating large scale community networks resulting in highly successful ventures for all members. Professional approach bridges creative solutions allowing integrity driven realizations for many people across Greater Los Angeles.